I am on my way to become a better

Software Development Engineer

I have curated a showcase that unveils the scope of my software development, machine learning and data science projects. As an aspiring software development engineer, I reveled in the spirit of collaboration in my early days as a team contributor. Over time, my passion for team dynamics and the art of leadership blossomed, propelling me to guide and inspire groups towards remarkable achievements. Beyond the technical facets, my insatiable curiosity has also led me to explore an array of captivating subjects.

Being proud of where I am now,
I invite you to join me on this voyage.

I am also a

Computing Artist & Audio Engineer

Before my second year of university, my experience in art making was focused on photography and videography. I became a content creator and made a lot of videos for myself, my high school, the companies that I interned at and the actors I like with Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve.
After starting the Interdisciplinary Computing Arts & Music program at UCSD, I fell in love with the process of digital art making. I enjoy using Python and its various libraries on the creative processes. Although I'm still programming with meticulous design beforehand, the art making process always leads me to more abstract iterative endeavor that keeps bringing myself surprise.