I'm a creator, in multiple dimensions.

My name is Xiaoxuan Zhang, and I go by Andrina. I'm an Engineer, Cognitive Scientist, Computing Artist, Producer, Percussionist. I will graduate with my UC San Diego undergraduate degree, double majoring in Cognitive Science - Machine Learning & Neural Computation and Interdisciplinary Computing Arts & Music and a minor in Computer Science, in June 2024. I'm actively looking for audio algorithm / machine learning / software roles. Please HMU at xiz031@ucsd.edu if you see me as a fit ;)

Throughout my academic and professional journey, I love solving new challenges and meeting with new people, strive to explore new horizons, and bring aesthetics to life. I’m an energetic team player that can take responsibilities and learn various skills fast. I enjoy working in team environments and embracing diverse perspectives as they come together to create innovative solutions and pursue my interest in audio and artificial intelligence and bring impacts to the world.

One fun fact about me: I have good color and spatial memory that I can re-construct 3D maps in my mind :D